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but hardly jaw dropping numbers The Tachikawa air disaster (, tachikawa kichi gurobumasutaki tsuiraku jiko) occurred on the afternoon of Thursday, June 18, 1953 when a United States Air Force (USAF) Douglas C 124 Globemaster II aircraft crashed three minutes after takeoff wholesale mlb jerseys free shipping from China Tachikawa, Japan, killing all 129 people on board. At the time, the crash was tied for p708688 the deadliest in aviation history, discount baseball jerseys China and is notable for being the second aviation accident to kill more than 100 people; the crash of a Luftwaffe Me 321 Gigant glider and its three Bf 110 tow planes during operational trials in 1941 also resulted in 129 fatalities.[1]The aircraft was a USAF Douglas C 124A DL Globemaster II of the 374th Troop Carrier Group, serial number 51 0137.

Most of those aboard were airmen who were returning to their duties in South Korea after a five day rest and recreation leave in Japan.